Elopement & Micro Wedding Planning


Everything is in place.

Now is the time for uniting, celebrating & making memories. Expectancy is in the air and your special people are all around,  it is the day that you will marry your love & friend and you will Feel Like guests at your own wedding {sigh}…

your dream is now a reality..


Dear Antiballroom Bride,

We are a boutique planning company that specializes in elopement and micro wedding planning for AntiBallroom Brides, the first It’s true, the only one of its kind just like you.

You are unique, stylish and All about the experience.  Family, friends and food are important to you and you love the idea of off the beaten path locations for your wedding day.  We adore helping couples shine their individual style by designing their weddings with bits & pieces of their personal lives and love story to make it the most memorable day ever. And you can kiss the stress of planning a traditional wedding goodbye!

Does this sound like you?  we are here to help and love what we do.

See Our Story & Our Services,

You are going to love the vibe here!