Elopement & Micro Wedding Planning


We are thankful to receive such kind

W o r d s o f L o v e & A p p r e c i a t i o n

“we appreciate everything you have helped us with! It was such an amazing day, and location - thank you for all of your help, So grateful! All of your work and The time you have put in to helping us plan our elopement from the other side of the world!  Dale and I often speak of how lucky we have been to have had you assist us being in a similar industry of working tirelessly for clients, behind the scenes of which they do not see or sometimes appreciate that I can totally get.”  -Lauren

You gave me the best gift, you took my vision and made it a reality. So grateful for you!” –Deb

"Thank you so much Stacie! You have been such a pleasure to work with throughout everything and from across the globe - you have been amazing and so helpful and kind and our elopement was perfect.’ -Montana

Thank you Stacie! You’ve made planning our elopement in Positano, Italy very simple and straightforward a process which tends to be stressful and rather difficult! Its been a pleasure coordinating with you!!! xo Much love’ -Kristin

‘Thank you SO much for all of your help. You have gone above and beyond for us helping plan our elopement in Colorado and we greatly appreciate you. You're amazing Stacie!!!’ –Candace

"I thank you for everything. You were absolutely wonderful to work with! Please know that I really appreciate everything you did for us, every email you replied to you and all the help and guidance you provided us with. We really were so lucky to work with you. Our wedding day was perfect.” -Rachel

“Just a note to say thank you. I am grateful for all your help and love and kindness!” –Alyssa

“Stace, you made our wedding dreams come true, every detail and I thank you!” –Rachel

“You said yes to planning our wedding in 11 days and actually made it happen! What a dream it was. Thank you Stacie for making our wedding day come together so beautifully.” -Ellie

‘You really did it. You took my vision of a fairy tale secret garden wedding and brought it to life and I can’t Thank you enough Stacie!’ -Lauren

‘We're so grateful that we found you to make our big day happen so perfectly. We really appreciated you helping with all the specifics leading up to our wedding day elopement. You're the best!" -Kate

“I want to sincerely thank you for the work you've put into guiding us through this process. Our special day was a dream come true and we wouldn’t have had it without you” –Jessica

“From the moment we met until the time we said farewell you had our backs and took care of all the details so we could enjoy the experience.  So much love for you!” –Evangeline

“What an amazing production, I had no idea!  Thank God for you Stacie, you gave us a wonderful wedding experience.” -Paige

“Our planning and wedding day experience was Everything we hoped for and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!” -Rachel