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Closer to love

T h e   F o l l y   P r i v a t e   E s t a t e

Enter the gates, into a different world…


A small house built in 1925 that was originally the Doheny family guest house is the foundation for this wonderful garden site.  Famed antique dealer Gep Durenberger purchased the home in the late 60’s and altered the California Spanish Revival flavor by replacing  the windows and doors with 17th and 18th century French antiques, thus transforming this charming structure into the  idyllic cottage that appears to have been brought to the site from the South of France.  Next a famed landscape architect was asked to design a lovely ten “room” garden in the classic Italian “loose” style.  To complete the experience a second house was added to the acre compound in the neo gothic style.  This second structure built primarily of antique parts, is an interpretation of a Folly or party structure that might be found in England.  Add a small one room summer house tucked under a huge century old pepper tree and a swimming pool and this beautiful and authentically appointed enclave is complete.  The present owner has enhanced the structures with many period appointments, as well as designing a large aviary and dove cote to bring a very special feel to the garden.  The moment one enter the gates this very private space they are immediately transported to another place and time.


…you’ve never experienced anything like it.


A   v e r y   s e c r e t    g a r d e n.

available for elopements, all inclusive micro weddings,

intimate gatherings, private dinners & photo shoots.

Shown by appointment.

All inclusive weddings at the folly, offered exclusively through Antiballroombride.

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Jeremy Chou